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You found your network issue!

First off, give yourself a pat on the back — you're the real hero.

Now that you've narrowed down your issue, you're welcome to close Sidekick and call it a day.


There's still a lot of good PingPlotter can do to help with future problems. Since Sidekick runs silently in the background, you're welcome to let it test your network while you move on to more important things. If you start to experience issues again, simply open Sidekick and see what's acting up — if it's your network, PingPlotter caught it.

Whenever you need, you can export and share your Sidekick data for extra assistance. This is always useful for speeding up support responses.

And finally, let us know how Sidekick worked for you. We want to know everything about your experience — what worked well and what didn't. Shoot us an email, and we'll take your feedback to heart. Or just write in and say hi.

And, of course, thanks for being awesome!


Still need a hand?

If you find yourself in need of any extra help, get in touch with our Service Team. They'd be thrilled to be a sidekick for...Sidekick. Like a side-sidekick.

Get in touch!