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Step Three

It seems like devices are having trouble connecting directly to your router.

There are a number of things that could be causing the disconnect.

First (and we know you’re already rolling your eyes), power-cycle your router by switching it off or unplugging it for 10 seconds.

Second, if possible, try replacing any Ethernet cables used by your computer and/or connecting to your router wirelessly. This will help you rule out some faulty hardware.

Third, in some instances, your router could be configured in such a way as to prevent your devices from connecting. Consult your router or gateway’s user or support manual to find instructions for accessing your router’s internal settings.

Finally, if these issues persist, try to acquire and test a different router. This can be quite difficult and/or unfeasible, but it is also the only way to be absolutely certain your router is not having hardware-related issues.

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