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Step Two

It appears your WiFi network could be suffering from wireless congestion.

This occurs when too many devices are competing for space within the same wireless channel.

Consult your router’s user documentation to learn how you can change the wireless channel used by your router to avoid competing with nearby wireless networks (such as those belonging to your neighbors). This guide can give you further instructions on how to properly select a new channel.

If selecting a new channel does not improve your results, you may be congesting your own network with too many wireless devices. While PingPlotter is running, disconnect other devices currently connected to the same wireless network as this device. As the number of devices reduces, you should see the severity and frequency of latency spikes reduce as well.

If reducing the number of wireless devices on your network improves your connection quality, you may need to look into purchasing a router capable of supporting the number of concurrent devices you use. Otherwise, you may need to disconnect wireless devices at times when a high-quality wireless connection is most important.

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