CloudConnect Manual

CloudConnect Account Setup

To set up a CloudConnect account, begin by navigating to the CloudConnect portal.

If you know your existing Pingman Tools account login information, you can use it to activate CloudConnect. Enter your account email and password, then click Log in.

If you do not know your existing Pingman Tools account login information or are unsure, you can enter the email address tied to an existing PingPlotter license and hit Set up account.

After submitting your email address, you will be sent instructions on how to log into your account. Once you've followed the instructions, finish setting up your account by setting a permanent password.

You should now be set up with a Pingman Tools account and ready to use CloudConnect.


If you are not the original PingPlotter license holder and would like to have your email added to your license for the purpose of managing CloudConnect, have the license holder email us. We will add your email to the license, allowing you to finish activating CloudConnect.