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Automated troubleshooting assistance

Find the source of internet issues from your web browser with PingPlotter Sidekick.

Detect problems automatically Sidekick automatically selects and monitors select connections on your network to find the source of issues.

Guided troubleshooting assistance Sidekick takes you step-by-step through data gathering and analysis, keeping track of every test result.

Illustration of PingPlotter Sidekick identifying internet issues automatically

Let PingPlotter help troubleshoot.

Illustration of a Sidekick user solving an internet problem


Sidekick sets up automatically, selecting five key connections that help find problems with your network.


Automatically collect data over time to find the source of network connection problems.


Get automated assistance interpreting data, determining what it means, and what you can do about it.


Keep track of everything you've tested, then consolidate your test results to make your best case.

As a network engineer, I can say that these are the exact tests I would do in order to begin troubleshooting the network for a particular end device. The sidekick does it all for you with one click and also provides further insights after analyzing the data for you. It’s really like having a network tech’s sidekick!

— Lazaros Agapidis, RouterFreak


Automated setup

Sidekick automatically tests and identifies issues at the center of your network connection.


Guided troubleshooting

Sidekick takes you step-by-step through the troubleshooting process, explaining your data and what it means.


Show your work

Sidekick helps you keep track of everything you've tested. Share any or all of your test data with a couple clicks.

Guided Troubleshooting with PingPlotter Sidekick

$20 for 28 days

Kickstart your troubleshooting. Sidekick automatically tests the critical components of your network and guides you through fixing the problem — all from your web browser.

Deploy Sidekick to the whole team!

Sidekick is included in select PingPlotter Cloud plans. Save time troubleshooting remote connections.

Remote Network Monitoring
Your success is our promise.

PingPlotter Sidekick comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can trust our commitment to your success.

Priority support included.

Between onboarding support, remote sessions, and a priority ticket queue, our Service Team puts you first.