Assisted Troubleshooting with PingPlotter Sidekick

Kickstart Your Troubleshooting.

When it comes to your network uptime, every moment counts. Sidekick helps you find and fix issues faster.

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Assisted network testing.

Sidekick is a network tool anyone can use, no matter their level of expertise. Sidekick automatically tests the critical components of your network and guides you through finding the problem.

When you start up Sidekick for the first time, there’s only one button to push — no need for looking up IP addresses or how-to’s. With a single click, you’ll have accurate results in as little as 10 minutes.

Looking to learn more?

PingPlotter Sidekick makes a great companion for any troubleshooter. Check out everything Sidekick can do. 

Expert help when you need it most.

Each part of the network has its own troubleshooting tab with a unique, step-by-step guide drawing upon 20+ years of networking experience. By answering a few simple yes-or-no questions, Sidekick can help narrow down the root cause of a problem and give instructions on what to do next.

In cases where outside help is required, Sidekick can export data through convenient share pages — just like normal PingPlotter!

I ran it on my computer and my neighbor's computer to show it was a them (ISP) problem. Best weapon is proof.

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When trouble starts, we have your back.

Automated setup

Sidekick automatically tests the core components at the center of your network connection.

More than a speedtest

Track latency and packet loss from your Windows or macOS device — the important evidence you need.

Guided analysis

Overwhelmed by all the graphs and charts? Sidekick explains your data and what it means.

Easy export

With the click of a button, Sidekick can bundle up your collected data for easy sharing.

Flexible pricing

There's no contract or billing cycles — only pay for Sidekick when you need it.

Built by experts

We've been helping solve network problems for decades, and our tools are trusted by IT pros across the globe.

Guided Troubleshooting with PingPlotter Sidekick

$20 for 28 days

Kickstart your troubleshooting. Sidekick automatically tests the critical components of your network and guides you through fixing the problem — all from your web browser.

Automated Setup

Guided Troubleshooting

Easy Data Export

I just set it to constantly test at all hours of the day. It can monitor your packet loss and graph it out.

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Your success is our promise.

PingPlotter Sidekick comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can trust our commitment to your success.

Priority support included.

Between onboarding support, remote sessions, and a priority ticket queue, our Service Team puts you first.