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Pinpoint the source
of packet loss

PingPlotter graphs make it easier to see if packet loss and latency are caused by your local network, the service you're accessing, or something in between.

More Info

Target the problem.

Test the route to any server, website, or host.

See where it lives.

Visual diagnostics for every device between you and your destination.

Show when it happens.

Plot performance over time and share the results in an easy-to-read format.

A PingPlotter for Every Need

Whether you’re monitoring entire networks or fixing a single connection, there’s a PingPlotter edition that can help you.


Multi-network monitoring perfect for service providers and network enthusiasts.

Monitor Everything


Great for finding and resolving connection issues, be it on your end or someone else's.

  • See when and where internet problems arise
  • Capture proof of your problem for ISPs or tech support
  • Share results online for fast feedback
Identify Problems

Need a network test?

PingPlotter Free is designed to give you a glimpse at your internet connection to see if everything’s running ok.

We've Got Your Back

It doesn't matter if you're a networking newb or an IT ninja — it's possible to get stuck when you're dealing with this sort of thing. If you ever find yourself in that kind of situation, we're always happy to help. Please feel free to browse our library of troubleshooting wisdom.

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Step-by-step troubleshooting.

Troubleshooting Guide

Expert insight into your network.

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