Version 5 Manual

PingPlotter web UI

PingPlotter Professional has a built-in web interface, allowing you to view data and access several PingPlotter functions from a web browser.


PingPlotter Professional's features have been modified in its latest version. Learn more.

Browser requirements

PingPlotter 5's web UI requires that Javascript be enabled. We recommend using at least Chrome, Edge, Firefox 10+, or any other browser less than a few years old.

Enabling the built-in web UI


We recommend installing PingPlotter as a service if you're going to use the web UI. This will ensure PingPlotter is running in the background and makes security permissions easier to configure.

Screenshot of PingPlotter Web Server Options

To enable the web UI, go to Edit Options Web Server and select Enable built-in web server . By default, the web UI is configured to use port 7464, but this may be changed to accommodate your specific network environment. You may also set a login and password for the UI to restrict access.

Accessing the web UI

To access the web UI from your local machine, launch your preferred web browser and navigate to the following address:

https://localhost:[port] , where [port] is the port set in the Web Server settings.

This should open the PingPlotter web UI. By default, the web UI address is https://localhost:7464.

Shared functionality between the PingPlotter app and the web UI

The web UI functions almost identically to the PingPlotter application. From the web, you can manage trace targets and summaries, configure alerts, and adjust PingPlotter’s engine settings. The web UI is an extension of the installed instance of PingPlotter, creating a consistent experience between the two. Changes made within the application will be reflected in the web UI (and vice versa).

For example, if someone accessing the web UI starts a trace to a new target, the new target will appear in the All Targets summary window within the PingPlotter application.

Currently, there are some PingPlotter functions only accessible through the application:

  • Local Network Discovery can only be initiated from the PingPlotter app. However, traces started or added to a summy from LND will appear inside the web UI.
  • Some alert functions are not currently available within the web UI. While these alerts can still be added from within the app, they cannot be managed from the web UI.

**The feature in this topic is exclusive to PingPlotter Pro. See our product comparison page for more details**