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PingPlotter Cloud Pricing

Grow as you go. No contracts or commitments.

Trace Usage Monthly Rate
5-9 $12.00 per trace
10-24 $11.00 per trace
25-39 $10.00 per trace
40-74 $9.00 per trace
75-149 $8.00 per trace
150+ Some customers run thousands of traces. Connect with a Product Specialist for information about volume pricing.

All prices are in US Dollars. If you are interested in a yearly subscription, please connect with our sales team.

What is trace-based pricing?

Traces are active network tests between a PingPlotter Cloud agent and a target on the network. The subscription price is based on the maximum number of concurrent active traces you want available at any given time. For more information, read this article.

Why PingPlotter Cloud?

Distributed network monitoring for contact centers, legal IT, MSPs, financial services, and VoIPs.

Use Cases

  • Reducing remote worker internet downtime.
  • Troubleshooting network routes between office locations.
  • Pre-qualifying internet connections before installing service or starting remote work.


  • Share live results with anyone inside or outside your business.
  • Find issues faster with the help of a network troubleshooting assistant.
  • Quickly deploy to hundreds of computers.

Ready to get started?

We offer a 30 day money back guarantee on all purchases. If you're not completely satisfied, we'll give you your money back.


We're eagerly awaiting your requests. Please contact us learn about yearly pricing, enterprise rollouts, and whatever else you need.