PingPlotter Cloud Manual

Burst Traces

What is a Burst Trace?

Burst Traces allow you to go beyond the trace limit on your Agents. For example, if you are already running 2/2 Traces on Agent A, you could use a Burst Trace to add a 3rd Trace (even though you've already reached your limit). Burst Traces can be distributed accross your Agents in any fashion. You can put them all on one Agent, or 3 on one Agent with 3 on a different Agent. These will come in handy if you ever need to do some extensive troubleshooting beyond the Traces you use for long-term monitoring.

How many Burst Traces do I get?

That depends on which plan you have, and the number of Agents you've purchased. Under the Plus at 5 Agents you'll get 6 Burst Traces. The more Agents you add, the more Burst Traces you get. You can view the number of used/available Burst Traces in the Subscription Overview widget.

Screenshot of PingPlotter Cloud Subscription Overview Widget.

Need extra Burst Traces?

If you frequently find yourself running out of Burst Traces, or you're always exceeding your Agent Trace-Limits, please contact us! We're happy to offer you a custom plan that meets your needs.