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Continuously monitor two active connections per agent. Troubleshoot with Burst Targets as needed.

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Agents Burst Targets Volume Discount
5 6 assignable to any agent --
10 12 assignable to any agent 11%
25 15 assignable to any agent 33%
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What's PingPlotter Cloud?

PingPlotter Cloud provides network visibility in hard-to-reach places so you can run a better business.

  • Connection quality monitor
  • Assisted troubleshooting
  • Mass deployment
  • Longer history
Tim Quigg Headshot

We've been able to push back on ISPs... we could see one backbone link causing issues with multiple [end users] in the area.

Timothy R. Quigg Director of Technology at Levenfeld Pearlstein

What's an agent?

Agents are tiny instances of PingPlotter deployed on remote machines to collect troubleshooting data and relay it back to PingPlotter Cloud.

What's a target?

Targets are active tests between a PingPlotter agent and a network connection. Targets help you monitor internet performance data on local and remote devices.

Burst Targets can be assigned to any agent for ad hoc troubleshooting. Burst Targets are included in every subscription and can be reassigned to any agent as needed.