Ruby's Desktop Support Manager, Wendy Decker, describes how PingPlotter saves her team time.

Ruby's Desktop Support Manager, Wendy Decker, describes how PingPlotter saves her team time.

Keep your Contact Center Reps Connected Remotely with PingPlotter Cloud

Maximize Uptime & Keep Remote Reps Productive

Dropped calls, garbled speech and lost internet connections disrupt remote rep productivity — which leads to a lot of missed opportunities. What’s more, your contact center needs to pre-qualify a new rep’s home network before you hire them. It’s time to try PingPlotter Cloud.

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PingPlotter Helps Ruby Answer the Call of Remote Work

Read about how Ruby uses PingPlotter to cut ticket resolution times and boost trust in their support team.

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Find the Source of Dropped Calls Immediately

Testing internet connections in milliseconds rather than minutes, PingPlotter helps your IT team identify problems quickly and with less guesswork. You can monitor hundreds of remote devices at once and trigger automated alerts when a rep suffers an internet breakdown.

Validate New Employee Internet Connections

Setting up a new rep's network in a remote location can be both time-consuming and tedious. Why not pre-qualify rep candidates and their home internet connection before you hire them? With PingPlotter, you can instantly view their connection's details — like latency, packet loss and jitter. Any ISP issues can be flagged and hopefully taken care of before their first day on the job.

PingPlotter Cloud has helped these contact centers work from anywhere.

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Deploy and test remotely

Monitor connection performance for anyone, anywhere.


Share live results

Show end users the source of the problem in real-time.


Insights diagnostics

PingPlotter's Insights tells you what, when and where the problem exists, and even how to fix it.


Automatic alerts

Find problems faster with automatic, customized alerts.


Industry standard metrics

Measure latency, packet loss, jitter and mean opinion score (MOS).


Quality definitions

Rate internet quality for softphones, Zoom calls and Microsoft Teams.

“We had one incident where we could tell that two of our receptionists lived in the same exact house. PingPlotter was that accurate.”

Wendy Decker
Manager of Desktop Support, Ruby Receptionists

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