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Stay Connected with PingPlotter

PingPlotter constantly monitors internet connections for a remote workforce, so you know instantly if there’s a problem. Your contact center can find and fix issues faster — reducing internet downtime and maximizing agent productivity. Plus, PingPlotter can help you have better call quality, enhancing the customer experience.

Illustration of the PingPlotter Cloud Interface

Fix Internet Problems Faster

By monitoring your internet connections ALL of the time, PingPlotter helps you identify issues quickly and with less guesswork. You can oversee hundreds of remote agents at once and PingPlotter alerts will trigger when there’s a connection breakdown. A faster response leads to a faster resolution, reducing internet downtime.

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Spruce Up that CX

Dropped calls mean unhappy customers. PingPlotter can make your internet connections more reliable, shorten call hold times, and improve the overall customer experience. For example, if an agent is experiencing a bad internet connection, managers can take them out of the calling queue until the problem is solved.

Pre-Qualify WFH Connections

With PingPlotter, you can evaluate new remote agent connections before they even start the job. By deploying a simple internet test, new hires are equipped and ready to work with a few clicks.

Illustration of two remote workers debating the cause of their internet problems

Prove if Agents Actually Have an Internet Problem

PingPlotter monitors your network repeatedly over time, capturing more issues than a single-point-in-time speed test. This kind of visibility makes remote agent internet connections more transparent and eliminates “the dog ate my internet” excuse.

Get the big picture

Quality Monitor lets you see the connection quality for hundreds of remote agents on a single dashboard, identifying which ones need attention in real-time.

Prove It

Show remote agents or upper management the source of network problems as they happen with LiveShare.

Ask your assistant

Our troubleshooting assistant, Insights, automatically detects potential problems, ranks them in order of severity and suggests how to resolve them.

Roll it out in a flash

Install PingPlotter on hundreds of remote computers in a few hours with mass deployment. Your IT team will be overwhelmed with joy.

Fix it quicker

PingPlotter alerts will instantly notify you when an internet connection on your network starts to experience issues — before your end-users even notice.

We got you!

Our Support Team can help you with deployment, interpreting PingPlotter results, and walk you through all of those PingPlotter features.

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“Now we can actually go in and see, yes, there really is a problem. We can tell when it started and when it's going to end. And that visibility is something we just didn't have before.”

Chris Georgeson Director of Technology at Ruby Receptionists

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