PingPlotter for macOS

Version 5.21.2 Released

Graph ping and traceroute over time. Find the source of network problems and fuel solutions with evidence.

Recently Added

New features and improvements to existing functionality release on a regular basis. If you're interested in staying on the cutting edge, the best way to make that happen is active maintenance. That's a service that gets you upgrades, access to new platforms, and more. New license purchases include maintenance for a year, and subscription maintenance never expires.

Flexible data storage

Adjust how PingPlotter manages data to improve load times and give you more control over what data you keep and what you throw away. You can learn more about Flex Storage by checking out this article.

Windows Flex Storage menu

Test final hop only

Test only the target destination. Final Hop Only provides an easy way to decrease CPU usage in situations where you are testing a high number of targets at the same time. Alert actions for toggling final hop and full route are also available to help automate troubleshooting workflows. To learn more, check out this article.

Final Hop Only keeping PingPlotter sessions nice and tidy

Select a network interface card

Directly control which network cards PingPlotter uses for any trace. Compare multiple network connections in real time, test primary and secondary NICs in parallel, and monitor multi-NIC servers. You can learn more about NIC selection in this article.

Route change alert options

Monitor route changes

Detect and inspect route based issues with two new alert conditions that trigger anytime the route changes or when a specific IP address enters the route. Both conditions can be combined with any alert perform actions like logging route changes to a file, saving .pp2 files related to specific routes, and more.

Route change alert options

Calculate mean opinion score (MOS)

Rate network quality for each hop with the Mean Opinion Score column. MOS is a VOiP metric that rates network quality between 1 and 5. More information about how MOS is used and calculated is available in the Knowledge Base.

Example of Mean Opinion Score (MOS) column

Timeline experience improvements

Connecting trace graph rows to timelines is easier because clicking a timeline highlights the corresponding row in the upper graph and vice versa.

The Automatically show timeline graphs for targets added to summary screens setting saves a few clicks when you're working with summaries in PingPlotter Professional.

PingPlotter Professional summary showing improvements

Trigger 3rd party integrations

Run a program when your alert fires with the Launch Executable alert event.

Example executable PingPlotter could launch

Get the latest version

In-program updates and the download page are the best place to get a hold of PingPlotter's latest version. Visit your account to check maintenance status and reactivate licenses requiring attention.