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See the Network on any Windows Computer

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Monitor latency, packet loss, and jitter, and prove the source of Windows connection problems with PingPlotter, the ping and traceroute tool that makes network troubleshooting suck less.


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Version 5.23.3. Released 2022-06-10.

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Distributed Monitoring

PingPlotter CloudTrace many routes from many computers

Screenshot of PingPlotter Cloud Quality Monitor Dashboard

Best For
Monitoring and troubleshooting remote worker internet.

Contact center, legal IT, VoIP, financial services, insurance.

Web-based dashboard managed by us.

Monitor thousands of remotely-installed computers.

Share live results with anyone, network troubleshooting assistant, quickly deploy hundreds of data-collection agents.

A subscription based on active network tests (details).

Local Monitoring

PingPlotter Standard & Professional Trace many routes from one computer

PingPlotter Professional screenshot trace and timeline graphs

Best For
When your job is responsible for network quality.

Sysadmins, engineers, technicians, analysts, IT professionals.

Platform-native interface managed by you.

Monitor hundreds of targets from one computer.

Jitter timeline graph, local network discovery, advanced packet & engine settings.

A subscription or perpetual license based on devices (details).