Getting Started Guide

Getting PingPlotter on to Your Computer

If you haven’t already, you’ll need to download and install PingPlotter.

The latest version of PingPlotter is always accessible via our download page. Once you have PingPlotter downloaded, you’ll need to get it installed.

For Windows

Launch the installer and follow the instructions. At the end, you can “Launch PingPlotter Now,” or, if you’re all busy and stuff, just hit “Finish.” You’re all set!

For macOS

Double-click the downloaded .zip file to extract the contents. Inside the extracted folder, double-click the PingPlotter application file. You’ll be asked if you wish to move PingPlotter to the Applications folder (we think you should). Once everything’s in place, PingPlotter will launch automatically. All done!

Everything Installed?

Perfect! Next, we’ll get an idea of what to do with the awesome new thing you just got.

If things didn’t go as perfect as we expected, reach out to PingPlotter Support and we’ll help get it sorted out.