Getting Started Guide


You made it! It took some time, a little bit of flexing, and a boatload of patience, but you managed to crush that network problem like a real pro. And we mean it! The next time anything happens with your network, you’ve already got the tools, resources, and knowledge to face it head-on.

Take a victory lap and bask in the glory of a functioning network connection.

The galaxy is at peace...for now.

If movies have taught us anything, it’s that a group of plucky ne’er-do-wells can learn to work together and become city league champions.

If movies have taught us anything else, it’s that evil is never thwarted for long. If a new networking threat emerges from the shadows, you can count on PingPlotter to be ready.

We’ve only scratched the surface of PingPlotter’s cosmic traceroute powers, and the same goes for network troubleshooting. If you ever encounter a network problem you don’t know how to tackle, we’ve got your back. Our full Manual, Troubleshooting Guide, and Knowledge Base are filled with detailed information on using PingPlotter to solve the most challenging problems. If a part of PingPlotter has left you scratching your head, our awesome Support Team will help you find the right answer.

Before we turn you loose:

Here are a few links you might find useful as you begin your new adventure as a network troubleshooting powerhouse:

If you’re feeling particularly awesome, reach out to us on Facebook, Twitter, good ol’ email or, heck, send a postcard to tell us your story. You’re a champion now, and every champion deserves some hype.

And finally, thank you for using PingPlotter!