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Advanced Troubleshooting
for Your Local Network

PingPlotter Professional is a network diagnostic tool for engineers, sysadmins, and other people with above-average tech skills.

It monitors your local connection to hundreds of different targets and captures the data required to identify the source of problems and prove the culprit to others.

Free 14-Day Trial  Download PingPlotter Professional, and start testing your network in less than a minute.

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Metrics like latency, packet loss, jitter, and MOS are displayed for each hop in a route, helping you understand your network status at a glance. When you need to see where issues live, be they LAN or WAN, PingPlotter gives you the clearest window.


Run as many as 250 traces at once

Test from your local device's perspective

Measure jitter & mean opinion score

Discover networked devices

ICMP, UDP, & TCP packets

Run on macOS or Windows

Tools for notifications & automations

Share snapshot results with anyone

Advanced packet & network card settings

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