Network Troubleshooting Guide

Getting Help with PingPlotter Results

PingPlotter graphs are shared and interpreted in online communities all the time. If you need help figuring out the graphs, you are not alone. Follow these instructions and we'll show you how to share your results with someone who can help.

Data sharing is built into PingPlotter. You can post a screenshot and data file to — from there you can share the link and whoever receives it can see your screenshot and download the file for further inspection.

Sharing PingPlotter data

To get started, set up the program so it shows the problem then click File > Share > Share to

Click the PingPlotter share button

Your web browser should look something like this if your share is successful.

Click the PingPlotter share button

Who should I share with?


If you're lucky enough to have one of those "techie" friends, send them a link to your share page. They might be able to help you make sense of the information.

Social media and online communities

Reddit and Twitter are good places because you can get opinions from multiple people at once. You may also be able to tag a service provider directly to get a technician's eyes on your results.

Networking themed forums are excellent places to post about your share page. Many of them look at PingPlotter graphics on a regular basis. Reddit's r/networking and DSL reports are good places to start if you're looking for ideas.

Service providers

Most companies who provide online games, streaming content, or internet service have a forum somewhere posting on the forum of the service you've had problems with is a good choice because you can engage the community and tech support at the same time.

Continue on when you find out whether your problem is inside or outside your network.

Example of how wireless interference looks in PingPlotter

Inside problems begin on the first hop.

Looks Like an Inside Problem
Example of how wireless interference looks in PingPlotter

Outside problems begin in the middle.

Looks Like an Outside Problem

Let PingPlotter help you troubleshoot.

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