Network Troubleshooting Guide

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The first step to solving a network problem is finding the source. That's because how you solve the problem depends on whether or not you control the failing part of the network. In this guide, we're assuming you control the local network and someone else controls everything beyond your local network.

Local network problems

You can take a direct approach to fixing problems on your local network. That is, if your network is failing you can make changes to fix it.

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Outside network problems

An indirect approach is required when you don't control the failing part of the network, and often involves persuading someone else to make changes.

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Finding the source of the problem

We'll be using PingPlotter to find the source of your network problem. It's a tool for visualizing network performance, and it offers a free 14-day trial. Download and install the program to get started.

You can follow this guide with PingPlotter's Free edition. It just means a little extra work.

After you install PingPlotter, watch this getting started video for an overview of how the program works.

If you're interested in learning more about PingPlotter, the Getting Started Guide is a good resource. Otherwise, continue and we'll start testing your network.

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Let PingPlotter help you troubleshoot.

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