Network Troubleshooting Guide

Start the Test

Now that you've installed PingPlotter, it's time to start testing your network. All it takes to start a test is entering a target and hitting enter, but choosing the right target is critical to your success. Let's go over some target selection tips before we start the test.

PingPlotter tests the network between your computer and a target. A target is a website or IP address. The best target is the service experiencing the problem. For example, if you have a problem watching Netflix, it's best to test the Netflix server.

Specific service problems

If your problem is related to something like an online game or streaming service, you'll get the best results by testing the service's server. A common mistake is testing the company website (e.g. instead of the server hosting the game (e.g.

Often, IP addresses are listed on company websites. Check out our solution libraries for shortcuts to popular service resources.

If you don't see what you need in the solution libraries, a little searching can point you in the right direction. Contacting customer support is another good strategy if you don't find what you need searching online.

General internet problems?

If the problem you're having is with the whole internet, enter any website (e.g. into PingPlotter.

Starting the test

Once you've identified your target enter it into PingPlotter and click the green play button (or hit enter).

Example of where to enter a target in PingPlotterEnter your target in the box then hit enter.
Example of where to enter a target in PingPlotterIf you see something like this, you've successfully started a test!

Continue when graphs appear in the program. Next, we'll show you how to capture information about the source of your network problem.

Capture the Problem
Let PingPlotter help you troubleshoot.

PingPlotter Sidekick automates setup and guides you through troubleshooting.