Network Troubleshooting Guide

If at First You Don't Succeed

Fixing network problems is often an iterative process. Sometimes you resolve the issue on your first try, other times the only thing to do is go back to the drawing board.

From here you have a few options. If you're sure the issue is with your local network, an easy route is trying the solutions you haven't tried yet.

Collect more data

If local network solutions aren't working, another thing to consider is going back to the beginning. Collect more data with PingPlotter, and see if this test suggests anything different than the one before it. Remember you can share your results with others if you need a second opinion.

We can help too

Please contact our support team if you get stuck on a network problem. They'll be happy to help interpret PingPlotter results and offer suggestions on how to solve your network problem.

Let PingPlotter help you troubleshoot.

PingPlotter Sidekick automates setup and guides you through troubleshooting.