Version 5 Manual

About Sharing and Privacy

Share Pages

PingPlotter share pages provide a simple method of publishing the results of your PingPlotter tests. Each share page includes an image of the data as it currently looks on your screen along with up to the last 24 hours hours of data in PingPlotter’s .pp2 file format. These pages are published to and you are provided a private web link which you can share on by email, social media, add to a support request, or post to a support forum.


When you create a private share page on you receive a link that is your unique key to viewing your shared data. Your shared pages are not part of a public directory and are not indexed by search engine. This enables you to share your data to only the people you wish give your private share code - and no one else. It also means that there is no method for you to search for or recover a lost share code. You have the ability to see the most recent share pages in PingPlotter but if you create a significant number of share pages you will want to copy your share codes to a more permanent location.

Your privacy is critically important to us. We recommend reviewing your share page before distributing the link to ensure that you are comfortable with the information that you are giving to others.