Legacy Manual


PingPlotter doesn’t have any *printing* options (who needs paper anyways?), but it does have a variety of options available to help output data (which will let you manipulate it in your favorite software package from there).

There are several methods here:

Raw data (in TraceRT format)

In PingPlotter, you can choose the “Edit” -> “Copy as Text” option to copy the raw data to your clipboard. This is copied in a format that’s similar to *most* text-based trace route programs.

It’s important to note that the “Focus Time” option on the main screen is used to decide how many samples to include in this. If you have the “Focus time” set to 10 samples or higher, the menu option will show as “Copy as Summary Text” instead of “Copy as Text.” Holding down the shift key when you click on the “Edit” menu option will switch between modes.

The graph

There are a few ways get a picture of your PingPlotter graph(s). The quick way is to select the “Edit” -> “Copy as image option” (which will copy the graph you’re viewing to your clipboard). The column and graph sizing will match up exactly to what you see on your screen - so make sure everything you want to show is explained.

Another method is the “File” -> “Save as Image” option. You can also have PingPlotter automatically create these images for you as well by scheduling an auto-save option.

Comma delimited text file

This option is built to import into a program like Microsoft Excel - so you can manipulate the numbers and create output in different formats. To export a comma delimited text file, use the “File” -> “Export to Text File” option. From there, you’ll be able to specify the file you want to export (and a couple of other options). You can either export all samples in memory, or the range as specified on the main screen.

The “Include sample times in export file” option will specify whether or not to include the time each sample was taken at. If you don’t have this turned on, all of the samples will be output, but you won’t get corresponding times. Enable this option to include the times.

We discuss more reporting options in our knowledge base.