Legacy Manual

Whois Setup

If you'd like to add additional whois servers to have available from the trace graph's right-click menu, you can edit the pingplotter.ini file. Currently PingPlotter only supports xxx.yyy style addresses. Not, for example, xxx.yyy.uk. You can also change the default servers directly in the .ini file instead of changing them from the Options/Internet menu.

To change the default settings, add the following to your pingplotter.ini file:




Also, you can add additional servers with a list of commands like the following:

AddlWhoIsServers=Internic Whois Lookup, whois.networksolutions.com, name, Arin (IP) Whois Lookup, whois.arin.net, ip

Basically, each whois server is defined by 3 settings: Description (as it appears on the menu), Server address (IP or name), and lookup type (Name or IP). The last setting specifies if it queries the whois server for the IP address, or the name of the specific hop.

If you're adding a server that's not specified in PingPlotter by default, add that server as the first server on the AddlWhoIsServers line (i.e.: don't include the default servers shown in the example above, since they're always included no matter what you put in the INI file). If you have more than 1, just add 3 more comma delimited sections. There is no limit to the number of sections you can include, though more than a few will make the menu a bit unwieldy.

**Some of the features listed in this topic are only available in PingPlotter Pro and/or PingPlotter Standard. See our product comparison page for more details**