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Starting at $6.99/mo
or $39.99 for a perpetual license. Volume discounts apply.

Best for
Troubleshooting home network problems.

Remote workers, gamers, traders, streamers, internet enthusiasts.

Test two targets from one computer.


Starting at $29/mo
or $349 for a perpetual license. Volume discounts apply.

Best for
When your job is responsible for network quality.

Sysadmins, engineers, technicians, analysts, IT professionals.

Monitor hundreds of targets from one computer.


Starting at $60/mo
Yearly and volume discounts avaliale. See pricing details to learn more.

Best for
Monitoring and troubleshooting remote worker internet.

Contact center, legal IT, VoIP, financial services, insurance.

Monitor thousands of remotely-installed computers.


Unsure where to begin? Sidekick is a guided network troubleshooting product that uses PingPlotter Insights to lead you though a step-by-step process.

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  Standard Professional Cloud
1-second sample rateStandard:Professional:Cloud:
Trace & Timeline graphsStandard:Professional:Cloud:
Alerts & integrationsStandard:Professional:Cloud:
Shareable reportsStandard:Professional:Cloud:
Measure latency & packet lossStandard:Professional:Cloud:
Run on Windows & macOSStandard:Professional:Cloud:
Summary graphsStandard:Professional:Cloud:
Measure jitter & MOSStandard:Professional:Cloud:
Install as a serviceStandard:Professional:Cloud:
Run on LinuxStandard:Professional:Cloud:
Remote data collectionStandard:Professional:Cloud:
Troubleshooting assistantStandard:Professional:Cloud:
Built for teamsStandard:Professional:Cloud:
Local network discoveryStandard:Professional:Cloud: