PingPlotter Cloud Manual


Alerts are automated events that trigger when specific network conditions occur.

To get started, click on a trace row in the Summary View to select it. Or, you could also click on the target row in the Trace View. 

From there, click the  Show Alerts  button in the upper-right corner of the PingPlotter Cloud interface to show the alerts panel

The Alert Library is used to create and manage alerts.

Alert Actions

Execute REST Call
  • Generates a standard web REST call enabling you to GET, POST, PUT, or DELETE data to your web services when an alert condition is triggered.
Send an Email
  • Sends a customizable email with PingPlotter Cloud data to the recipient or distribution list you specify.
Modify Summary
  • Will add or remove a target on a specified summary.
Add a Comment
  • This comment will show up as a red triangle beneath the Timegraph pointing to the time the alert fired. Hover over the triangle to see the text.

Alerts for these Targets

Displays the attached alert configurations from Your Alert Library for the trace session.

Your Alert Library

A collection of all of the alert configurations you've created within your PingPlotter Cloud subscription. 

Additional options

Click the filter icon to create a subnet mask, the pencil & paper icon to edit the alert, or the red to remove the alert from either Your Alert Library or Alerts for these Targets.