PingPlotter Cloud Manual



REST Call alert action.

This action generates a standard web REST call enabling you to GET, POST, PUT, or DELETE data to your web services when an Alert Triggers.

Use this Alert to:

  • Post to Slack, Microsoft Teams, or Google Chat when a server goes down.
  • Move your Contact Center Agents in and out of the call queue based on their Internet quality.
  • Create a ticket in JIRA when an employee can't connect to the RDP server.

Click here for specific REST Call examples.

Multiple Actions

Get the most out of your Alerts by adding multiple actions to a single Alert. Alert the Help Desk, post to Slack, add a comment to the timeline graph, and move the Target into a Summary all in one go!

Send an Email

Send email alert action.

This action sends an email to a specified recipient. Add multiple recipients by separating them with a comma.

The email templates can be updated using basic HTML/Text and email variables.

Use this Alert to:

  • Email your Help Desk when employees are having issues.
  • Send a message to a Microsoft Teams channel.
  • Notify a group email when servers are no longer reachable.

Modify Summary

Modify Summary alert action.

Move Targets in and out of custom Summaries.

Use this Alert to:

  • Move Targets into a "Poor VoIP" Summary.
  • Remove Targets from a Summary when conditions improve with the "when alert conditions end" option.
  • Create a list of Targets that need your attention.

Add a Comment

Add a Comment alert action.

Add a comment to the Target Timeline graph based on any condition. It will show up as a red triangle beneath the Timegraph pointing to the time the alert fired. Hover over the triangle to see the text.

Use this Alert to:

  • Call out when Agents started having issues.
  • Identify when an Agent connects/disconnects from a VPN.
  • Track when Agents switch between ISP providers.