PingPlotter Cloud Manual


Email the Help Desk when an Agent is experiencing network issues

  1. Create a new Alert using the Quality Score Threshold condition.
  2. Select the Quality Definition that best matches the service the Agent is using, e.g. VoIP if the Agent is primarily making/taking phones. (Use Remote Desktop if you don't know which to pick.)
  3. Select the Send Email action using the Help Desk's email for the Email Recipient, e.g.
  4. Change the Subject Template to "{{AgentName}} is experiencing issues!"
  5. Customize the HTML/Text Bodies as needed.
  6. Select the Targets/Agents that you want to monitor.
  7. Give this Alert a name like "Poor Remote Desktop" and hit Create Alert.

Add/Remove from Summary to automatically show/hide targets based on network conditions:

  1. Create a new summary, e.g. "Bad Connections"
  2. Create a new alert and specify your conditions. Use the Add/Remove from Summary.
  3. Leave Notify when on When alert conditions start.
  4. Select Bad Connections from the Select Summary dropdown.
  5. Choose the Add to Summary option. This will add the Target to the Summary when network conditions are bad.
  6. Add another Add/Remove from Summary action using the + Add Action button.
  7. Now select When alert conditions end and Remove from Summary. This will remove the target when conditions have improved.

Execute REST Call to notify a team in your company channel:

  1. Create a new alert with the Execute REST Call action and specify your conditions
  2. Choose the When conditions start event
  3. Follow this guide to help set up a webhook for your company chat tool
  4. Enter your tool's Rest Address
  5. Change the method to POST
  6. Use Json as the content data-type
  7. Type in your JSON request into the Body.

Please note!

Each API schema is different - check with your tool's API documentation for more information. Here's an example of what the body could look like:

{"text":"{{AgentName}} is experiencing high latency!"}