PingPlotter Cloud Manual

Summary View

  1. Summaries
    This is a list of all your current summaries. You can create a new summary by clicking + New Summary... at the bottom of the list
  2. Agents
    Create, deploy and manage PingPlotter Cloud Agents
  3. Session
    A convenient list of all current and previous traces
  4. Manage Users
    Add new users and manage individual user permissions
  5. Settings
    Adjust general settings and PingPlotter Cloud packet engine settings
  6. Show/Hide Alerts
    Show or hide the alerts sidebar, where you can add or edit alert actions
  7. Change columns
    Add or remove columns of data to make the interface your own
  8. Live Share
    Create a read-only weblink to the current summary
  9. Target Bar
    Start, pause, stop, and configure a PingPlotter Cloud trace to a specific IP address or DNS name
  10. Name column
    The field where the DNS name or custom name is populated
  11. Timeline Graph
    A graph of network performance over time. Double-click the green, yellow, red or black Status Light on the left side of any target row to add a Timegraph to the bottom of the screen


If your administrator has created a PingPlotter Cloud user account on your behalf, you may not see every menu option depending on your user profile permissions. If you cannot access a specific menu option or element, contact your administrator and request access.

Summaries are a way of grouping trace sessions together to better organize your workspace. For instance, you could create a summary for trace sessions coming out of the LA office and another for the Seattle office.

Your All Targets summary contains all of your active or paused trace sessions - think of it as your "master summary". It lists every target across every summary you have in PingPlotter Cloud.

  • To create a new summary, select the  Summaries  tab in the sidebar and choose  + New Summary...
  • Start a trace session by choosing your Agent from the dropdown list, then enter your target IP, URL, or DNS name
  • To show a target on another summary, use the dropdown arrow in the trace row's Status cell and select  Show on Summary  →  [summary name]


The Summary View has menu options available using a right-click, with the exception of the IP cells.