PingPlotter Cloud Manual

Manage Sessions

The Session Manager is a tool that allows you to interact with your PingPlotter data. It can be found under  Sessions  in the side menu.

Sessions Manager

Using a table format, the Session Manager categorizes your trace sessions using the following criteria:

  • Target Name - This is the DNS name (or IP address if no name is available) of the target
  • Target IP - This is the target's IP address 
  • Dynamic DNS - Tells you if this target is configured to follow dynamic route changes
  • Session Start - The date that the session was started
  • Session End - The date that the session ended and, if it's still active, it should have the current date and time
  • Samples - This tells you how many data samples have been collected for this trace
  • Status - The state of the trace. It can be Active / Paused / or Closed
  • Agent - This tells you which Agent the trace is/was deployed on
  • Actions - Allows you to either Open or Delete a Session

Trace Management

Every trace you've ever started or closed (unless you deleted it) can be found in the Session Manager. If you're looking to track down a trace, select a session from the table and choose  Open.  This option will bring the session back into view within the PingPlotter Cloud interface. You can select the trace and press the Start button to resume tracing.