PingPlotter Cloud Manual

Dashboard View

The Dashboard

The Dashboard is your home for all things PingPlotter Cloud. Don't like how it looks? Feel free to change it up using the Edit button in the upper right hand corner.

  1. Summaries
    This is a list of all your current summaries. To create a new Summary, open the dropdown and select + New Summary...
  2. Agents
    Create, deploy and manage PingPlotter Cloud Agents.
  3. Session
    A convenient list of all current and previous traces.
  4. Manage Users
    Add new users and manage individual user permissions.
  5. Manage LiveShare
    Create, delete, and edit LiveShare links.
  6. Settings
    Adjust general settings and PingPlotter Cloud packet engine settings.
  7. Agents Overview
    A list of all Agents and their status. Go to the Agent Summary by selecting the Agent's name.
  8. Agent Templates
    A list of all Agent Templates. Quickly deploy a new Agent by copying the Auto Setup link or downloading the installer.
  9. Actions
    Add a new User, open the All Targets Summary, create a new Agent, or submit a support ticket.
  10. Summaries Overview
    A list of all your Summaries. Create a new LiveShare, edit the Summary, or go to the Summary using the quick links.
  11. LiveShares
    A list of all created LiveShares. Copy the URL or disable it using the switch.
  12. Subscription Overview
    Keeps track of how many active traces you've used in your subscription.
  13. Alert Log
    Displays the most recent Alerts that have fired for the selected time period.
  14. Questions/Feedback
    Need some help? Have some Feedback? Let us know!


If your administrator has created a PingPlotter Cloud user account on your behalf, you may not see every menu option depending on your user profile permissions. If you cannot access a specific menu option or element, contact your administrator and request access.