PingPlotter Cloud Manual

Agent Templates and Presets

Agent templates and presets allow you to create Agent configurations for repeated use or mass deployment.

Creating an Agent template

On the Agents screen, select Create Template.

Agent templates allow you to use a combination of fixed text and dynamic variables to generate unique Agent names based on where and when an Agent is deployed.


If you wished to create a specific Agent template for your accounting department workstations that uses the device's machine name, you could enter the template name:

  • Accounting - {{MachineName}}

If you were to deploy an Agent using this template to a device with the machine name "Laptop-123," the Agent would be given the name:

  • Accounting - Laptop-123

After entering the Agent name you wish to use for this template, click Create Agent.

Once your Agent template is saved, you may select it from your list of existing templates. You may use a template to generate Agents as needed or mass-deploy multiple Agents at once using an installation manager or any other method of distribution.

Agent template name variables

{{MachineName}}The machine name of the Agent
{{Platform}}The platform onto which the Agent was deployed (macOS, Windows, Linux, etc.)
{{DateTime}}The date and time the Agent first connects
{{InstallType}}Whether the Agent was installed as a Service or Application (Windows only - macOS and Linux currently show Application)
{{CurrentAgentIP}}The IP address of the Agent when it connected

Preset Targets

Both Agent templates and existing Agents can be configured with a number of predefined trace targets that automatically begin once the Agent is installed.

To add a preset target, begin by selecting the desired Agent or template from the list on the Agents screen. This will open an Agent summary panel on the right side of the screen.

Within the summary panel, click on the Preset Targets dropdown.

Click on Enter a target… to add a preset target. Like with any other trace, you can set the trace interval and packet engine settings for the preset target. Once you are finished, click the Save icon.

Now, whenever this Agent or Agent template is installed, it will begin tracing to the preset targets automatically.


If a Cloud account does not have enough available traces to accommodate an Agent’s preset targets, the traces will not start automatically. You will need to manually start any pending traces once more become available on your account.