PingPlotter Cloud Manual

Users and Permissions

PingPlotter Cloud offers administrators the option to create custom user-profiles and assign them appropriate levels of permission within their PingPlotter Cloud subscription.

User Creation

To create a new user, click on Manage Users in the sidebar of PingPlotter Cloud, then click the blue +Add User button in the upper-right corner.

Enter an email address for your user, then click inside of the Permissions box. Select one or more permissions for your user and click Add User to save. 


Creating a user with no permissions will give them read-only access. 



  • Start, Pause, Resume, Reset + Restart, Stop + Close, and Show-targets-on or Remove-targets-from summaries.
  • Edit Name, Edit Notes, change current Trace Interval, and change current Setting.


  • Create, Rename, Delete, and Show-targets-on or Remove-targets-from summaries.
  • This also includes Live Share link management: Create, Edit, Enable, Disable, and Delete.


  • Add, Remove, or modify other users and their permission settings for the PingPlotter Cloud subscription.


  • Create, Edit, and/or Delete the configurations found in Settings.


  • Create, Delete, Rename, Reconnect, and Installer and Auto-setup access.


  • With this permission type, you can Open and/or Delete trace sessions.


  • Manage alerts in the Alert Library and for Targets using Create, Edit, Delete, and Add-to-Target. 

LiveShare Management

  • Activate, disable, and delete LiveShare links.