Version 5 Manual

Alert Conditions

There are several options for setting up alert conditions:

  • Latency and Packet Loss Over Time — Trigger an alert when latency or packet loss matches your set condition over a specified period of time
  • Latency and Packet Loss Over a Sample Count — Trigger an alert when a set number of samples exceed the desired latency or packet loss across a total sample count
  • If MOS is Below - Trigger an alert if the MOS score of the specified hop drops below a set value over a given period of time (NOTE: Only Available on Professional version)
  • Route Changed - Trigger an alert if any hop in a route differs from the route mapped when PingPlotter first began tracing to the target
  • IP Address in Route - Trigger an alert when a user-provided IP address appears in the route
  • Alert on a Timer - Trigger an alert at regular time intervals (such as every night to record daily logs)

A note about "average" response times

Average response times are a bit of a conundrum when it comes to setting alert triggers. For example, when a server stops responding, what is the average of the last 10 samples if the last 10 were timeouts? Because of this, we frame the condition as when X or more samples is > Y (a median average). You can still get your alert to work as an average by saying, for example, when 5 or 10 samples exceed 300 ms. This would operate like a mean average of latency over 300ms while also firing with lost packets.