Version 5 Manual

Workspace Menu

Screenshot of PingPlotter Workspace menu

Workspaces are used in PingPlotter only, and are a list of targets, screen locations and settings that make it easy to continue a monitoring session later. We discuss this in some detail in "Tracing to Multiple Targets."

  1. Open Existing. - This will load a workspace - which is a list of targets, trace intervals, named configurations and screen locations. PingPlotter workspaces use the extension .pws by default. Loading a workspace will stop tracing and close any targets that are currently active.
  2. Start New Workspace - Creates a fresh blank new workspace
  3. Rename Workspace - Allows renaming of the current workspace (which can make it easier to pick workspaces out of the "Open Existing" list)
  4. Export Workspace File - Exports the current workspace as a *.ppws file (Windows only)
  5. Import Workspace File - Opens any *.ppws file that may have been saved/shared (Windows only)

**The feature in this topic is exclusive to PingPlotter Pro. See our product comparison page for more details**