Version 5 Manual

Navigating the web UI


PingPlotter Professional's user management and LiveShare features have been modified. Learn more.

In most cases, the PingPlotter Web UI is functionally identical to the app. If you are familiar with the basics of PingPlotter’s interface, you should feel right at home in the web UI.


While the majority of PingPlotter’s feature set is identical between its app and web UI, some features may only be available in one, but not the other.

Session and trace management

When first logging into PingPlotter’s web UI, you will be greeted with your All Targets summary.

Screenshot of PingPlotter Web UI

  1. Summaries
    This is a list of all your current summaries. You can create a new summary by clicking New Summary at the bottom of the list
  2. Sessions
    A convenient list of all current and previous traces
  3. Manage Users
    Add new users and manage individual user permissions
  4. Settings
    Adjust general settings and PingPlotter packet engine settings
  5. Account
    Logout of the current signed-in user
  6. Change columns
    Add or remove columns of data to customize your web UI
  7. Share
    Create a LiveShare (read-only weblink) to the current summary, or take Snapshot image
  8. Target Bar
    Start, pause, stop, and configure a PingPlotter trace to a specific IP address or DNS name
  9. Target summaries
    A list of every trace target in the current summary
  10. Timeline Graphraphs
    A graph of network performance over time. Double-click the green, yellow, red or black Status Light on the left side of any target row to add a Timegraph to the bottom of the screen
  11. Show/Hide Alerts
    Show or hide the alerts sidebar, where you can add or edit alert actions

Left-click on a target’s IP to move to a detailed view of the trace.

Screenshot of PingPlotter Web UI target view

  1. Target and device name
    Denotes the trace target and the device running the trace
  2. Trace Graph
    A list of every hop between the device conducting a trace and the targeted endpoint
  3. Show/Hide Alerts
    Show or hide the alerts sidebar, where you can add or edit alert actions

Configuring alerts

PingPlotter’s alert functionality is a powerful tool for managing and monitoring network performance.

Selecting Show alerts will open the Alerts tab on the right side of your browser window.

Screenshot of PingPlotter Web UI alerts panel

Here, you will be able to create, apply, manage alerts for your trace targets. To learn more about PingPlotter’s alert feature, please see the relevant section in the PingPlotter manual.

Configuring settings

A number of important PingPlotter settings can be modified from within the web UI. This includes general PingPlotter settings and packet engine configurations.

These settings are identical to those used within the application. Please refer to the relevant manual pages to learn more about PingPlotter's packet options.

**The feature in this topic is exclusive to PingPlotter Pro. See our product comparison page for more details**