Version 5 Manual

Alert Types

PingPlotter can trigger the following alert events:

  • Log to File — Write PingPlotter data to a text file. Values include Hop, Hostname, IP Adress, Latency, and a timestamp
  • Play a Sound — When a condition is met, play an audio file of your choice
  • Modify Summary — Add or remove a target from a specified summary. For example, you might create a custom "High Latency!" summary and use a Modify Summary alert to add targets suffering from high latency
  • Save an Image — Save an image to a directory of your choice
  • Send an Email — Send an email with specified data to the recipient or distribution list you specify
  • Launch an Executable — Run a command and/or executable. This event can also be used to generate SNMP Trap messages
  • Export .PP2 File — Save a .PP2 data file to a specified folder
  • Execute REST Call — Generate a standard web REST call, enabling you to GET, POST, PUT, or DELETE data to your web services when an alert triggers
  • Tray Notification — Change the default tray icon and/or generate a customizable pop-up notification when an alert is triggered
  • Add a Comment — Record a custom comment on the target's Timeline Graph when an alert is triggered
  • Route Adjustment — Adjust the route visibility between the host and the selected target when conditions are met