Version 5 Manual

Downloading and Installing

The latest version of PingPlotter is always accessible via our download page. If you're a licensed user and need to download an older version of the program - these versions can be found by accessing your account page.


Once downloaded and launched, the PingPlotter installer starts a wizard driven install that steps through the installation process. We suggest leaving all the settings at their defaults (if you want to install PingPlotter as a Windows service, have a look here).

At the end of the install, you'll be asked if you want to "Run PingPlotter now". If for some reason you don't want to at that time, uncheck that checkbox. Otherwise congratulations, you now should have a PingPlotter group in with the rest of your installed applications (i.e.: Start menu, Programs group, PingPlotter folder) and are ready to go!

If this procedure doesn't work for you for some reason (if you get a weird error, etc.), please see our knowledge base article here. If you still encounter problems with the download, please send an email to describing the specific error you're getting, and/or any symptoms that you're seeing.


To uninstall PingPlotter - just locate your PingPlotter directory in the start menu and run "Uninstall or Modify Installation." Once the setup wizard launches, click "next" and then choose the "remove" option. On the next screen, you'll be prompted with options to keep or remove your PingPlotter license key; as well as any settings, directories, and log files (note: if you are uninstalling through Add/Remove programs these options are only available though the "Change" option. The "Uninstall" option does not provide these options). After your preferred boxes are checked or unchecked, click "Remove," and then "Finish" to complete the uninstall.

If you can't find the Modify or Remove option in the PingPlotter start menu or in Add/Remove programs, try installing the latest version, then uninstalling.  This might also help solve missing installer errors (like "File {7c7a8eba-cb1a-4626-aa2d-8311b84092ab}.msi not found") during uninstall.


PingPlotter for Mac downloads in a .zip file. After downloading and extracting the file, a prompt will come up asking if you want to move the program to the application folder (which we recommend doing). Once the file is extracted to the application folder (or any other location you may have chosen to keep it), it will automatically launch - and you're all set from there.


Uninstalling is a fairly straight forward process; simply move the application from wherever you're keeping it (application folder, or elsewhere), and move it to the recycle bin. The program does store its configuration files and data in a separate location, though. To find these files, open a new Finder window, click on the "Go" option in the menu, and choose the "Go to Folder" option. From there, enter "~/Library/Application Support/PingPlotter" (minus the quotes) if running as an application, or "/Library/Application Support/PingPlotter" (without the quotes) if running as a service, which will direct you to the directory where PingPlotter stores all of its info (and you can move all of this to the recycle bin as well).