Version 5 Manual

Command Line Arguments

Note: the information in this section is specific to the Windows version of PingPlotter.

You can have PingPlotter do a few things automatically on startup by specifying command line parameters. You can put these parameters in a shortcut - or enter them from a DOS command line window.

PingPlotter.exe [File to Load] [/TRACE:[Address To Trace]] 

Loading a file at startup

If you enter a parameter without a / on it, PingPlotter will try and find a file by this name - and load it if it's found.




This option will start tracing automatically when PingPlotter loads. If use the option to load a save file on startup, then tracing will begin to this address. Otherwise, Add a colon (:) and the IP Address or server name you want to trace to.


PingPlotter.exe /TRACE


PingPlotter.exe /


Show this help screen.


PingPlotter.exe /?

**Some of the features listed in this topic are only available in PingPlotter Pro and/or PingPlotter Standard. See our product comparison page for more details**