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End-User Takes Center Stage in New PingPlotter Release

End-User Takes Center Stage in New PingPlotter Release

PingPlotter’s latest release (5.24 to be exact!) implements a ton of little improvements that elevate the end-user experience in a big way. Whether you’re an IT team running a remote-worker network, or just someone trying to fix their home internet, PingPlotter 5.24 is ready to make you the star of the show.

“This release gives PingPlotter some positive incremental changes,” says Connor Lee, PingPlotter software developer. “For Free/Standard/Pro end-users, we've introduced new data export options, made major upgrades to web interface pages, and gave our splash screens a cool, new look.”

Wi-Fi? Wired? Or VPN?

Of course, our Dev team also beefed up PingPlotter Cloud, allowing end-users to gain more insight on their deployed agents.

“We now display network interface information, so you can see if the agent is using Wi-Fi, wired, or VPN,” says Lee.

The ability to identify who is on a wireless connection at a glance is a big time-saver for large, remote-work companies like contact centers. For example, remote workers with strong internet connections can field calls, while those with intermittent issues can focus on email requests. Not only does this make troubleshooting faster and easier, it also lets PingPlotter Sidekick and Insights, our network troubleshooting assistant, give better advice and root-cause analysis.

Beast Before Beauty

One of the major improvements in 5.24 is that you can export PingPlotter data into an Excel spreadsheet. Let’s say your service provider wants to see actual numbers instead of just a pretty PingPlotter graph. Or maybe you need the data in a slightly different form, such as a bar chart. This feature will give you more freedom on how your data is presented and is especially helpful in doing data comparisons over specific periods of time.

Learn how to export your PingPlotter data to a spreadsheet.

Applause Not Necessary

As with all of our new PingPlotter releases, this article is just the opening act. To find out more highlights of the 5.24, see our Release Notes. To learn the details before you jump in, here’s our new PingPlotter 5.24 Manual. Or, if you’re just itching to go already, any Standard/Pro users with Active Maintenance can download PingPlotter 5.24 for free from our Download page, from your account page, or from inside PingPlotter itself. For PingPlotter Cloud users, no action is required as it will update automatically.

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