PingPlotter 101

Instant Feedback Empowers You to React Within Seconds

When urgent network issues arise, the last thing you want is to have to wait to fix it. PingPlotter’s real-time monitoring and instant feedback lets you respond to internet connection problems within seconds — giving you the green light to react to network performance as it happens.

A moving company in Tustin, California, ships just about everything for customers relocating across the country. From household belongings to cars — even the family pet — they navigate the progress of their moving jobs and moving trucks daily. If their internet connections go down — and fixing them takes longer than it should — the delays can be costly for them and overwhelmingly stressful for their customers. (Not to mention Fido who is stuck in Tucson where it’s 110 degrees today!)

By using PingPlotter, the moving company doesn’t have the added anguish of waiting to see if their internet troubleshooting made a difference. Because PingPlotter tests the connection every second rather than minutes like other monitoring tools, it creates the granularity needed to find issues faster — resulting in less internet downtime. This means you aren't waiting a long time between test samples to see if the changes you made solved the problem.

Troubleshoot with Super-Human Speed

Here are some PingPlotter features that help you respond to issues right away:


PingPlotter alerts will notify you instantly when an internet connection on your network starts to experience issues. This means you can solve problems before end-users even report them — making way for improved productivity.

Quality Monitor

If you’re monitoring more than a dozen computers, the Quality Monitor dashboard will help you quickly identify who is having internet connection issues and why. You can also zoom in on various groups of end-users or a certain employee in real-time. For instance, a contact center can determine whose work-from-home connection is call-ready and reassign an agent if there is a problem.


LiveShare lets you show PingPlotter results as they happen to clients, ISP’s, remote workers… basically, anyone you wish. Interpret the trace data; generate a customized report with your comments; and then send it to the people you support.

Trace, Timeline & Summary Graphs

Trace & Timeline Graphs


PingPlotter captures what happens before, during, and after issues occur with graphs that are updated in real-time — so you can act fast. The Trace and Timeline graphs show the details of your current trace, plus where and when the problem originated. The Summary graph provides an overview of your traces, letting you compare multiple traces from multiple targets.

See It in Action!

Open up PingPlotter, start a trace, and run a speed test. You should see a latency increase when the test runs — and the beauty of real-time monitoring.

Do you support remote workers?

When remote workforces have connection trouble PingPlotter Cloud helps you find the problem and get everyone back online fast.

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