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Remote Agent Internet Impacts your Contact Center's CX and Profitability

Remote Agent Internet Impacts your Contact Center's CX and Profitability

It’s a given that your contact center’s success depends on making and taking calls. That can’t happen if your remote agents have unreliable internet connections. Dropped calls and long hold times have financial consequences.

PingPlotter constantly monitors remote agent internet connections, so you know instantly if there's a problem. Your contact center can find and fix issues faster — which means fewer dropped calls, shorter hold times and a better customer experience (CX).

Fewer Dropped Calls

A contact center in Fort Collins won the state contract to take customer support calls for a government agency. Their Service Level Agreement (SLA) states that if they can’t answer 90% of the inbound calls within the first three minutes, the contact center will face big financial penalties.

This is a common requirement in an SLA. Dropped calls can cost your contact center TONS of money — contract penalties, lost sales and disgruntled customers that definitely won’t call back. Unexpected internet downtime also causes hold times and abandonment rates to go up before you even have an opportunity to convert them.

PingPlotter alerts will instantly notify you when an internet connection on your network starts to experience issues. Your contact center can fix problems quicker, reducing dropped calls and hold times. Plus, speedy response times always lead to excellent customer satisfaction scores in the future.

Smooth Operator

Obviously, unreliable internet results in less revenue for a contact center. But it also has a negative effect on the center’s business operations.

Let’s say an insurance company paid an average of $50 per Sales Qualifying Lead (SQL). Dialer calls are typically 30-40 seconds with a max of one minute if there isn’t a connection. The challenge is if a remote agent has an undetected internet outage, but is unable to report the issue or log out, the dialer would keep calling. The best leads are called and no one is there to take the call. Annoyed, the prospective customer is less likely to pick up again later. A 15-minute internet outage turns into 40 burned leads and a $2,000 investment per incident completely thrown away. That doesn’t even take into account the missed sales opportunities.

PingPlotter’s Quality Monitor lets you see the connection quality for hundreds of remote agents on a single dashboard — so you know for sure if home networks are working properly. Team managers can detect remote agents with poor internet connections and remove them from the dialer before marketing dollars are wasted.

A screenshot of PingPlotter Cloud's Quality Monitor view

PingPlotter's Quality Monitor shows connection quality for your remote agents.

Give a Damn ‘Bout your Reputation

According to Joan Jett’s infamous song, she doesn’t give a damn about her reputation, but you should. If your agents have unreliable internet connections, you are putting your company’s reputation at risk.

A BPO in South Carolina handles calls for an alarm monitoring company. In the middle of dispatch, the call is lost. The police don’t respond and a burglary occurs. This negative experience results in client mistrust, a diminished reputation, and regrettably, the inability for your contact center to retain contracts.

PingPlotter Cloud provides your team with the data they need to prevent internet downtime and unfortunate mishaps. Its new dashboard ups the ante with customizable widgets and data display options — so you can monitor large networks and remote workforces effortlessly. In the BPO world, that translates to greater client loyalty, a rock-solid reputation and the meat to win future contracts.

And Just Like That, You Made More Connections

With PingPlotter, your contact center can:

  • Boost your bottom line with better call quality and CX.
  • Stop burning sales leads due to disconnections.
  • Improve the efficiency of operations.
  • Mend your company’s reputation to win future contracts.

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